ADHD Life Tracker Notion Template Daily Command Center

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ADHD Life Tracker Notion Template Daily Command Center

Jenna Redfield

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Updated version of the template

I've created a daily tracker/checklist that walks through the day and given you the databases needed to rollup your summary into one daily life tracker database.

13 Pillar System
📺 Entertainment

  • Current Media Tracker
  • TV Shows
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Podcasts, etc...

💰 Sales & Marketing

  • Plan Ads/Campaigns

🏠 Home & Household

  • Products & Assets Manager (Clothing and items)I've Sorted it into Parts of the day

📆 Content Creation Pipeline (Part of Separate Bundle)

✈️ Travel/Exploration

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family

👯‍♀️Friends, Relationships & Social

🧠 Mental Clarity

💼 Business Projects

  • Goal Setting Template

🏋️ Health & Fitness

  • Workout Summary (Track Steps/Weight)
  • Food Planner (Groceries & Meals)

💵Personal Admin/Finance

🤝 Client Operations/Execution

🧠 Mind Expansion | Learning Tag

  • Tags/Knowledge Vault (to keep track of research)

Dashboard includes

  • Daily Life Tracker & Habits Rollup
  • Today's To Do List
  • Daily Journal & Mood Tracker
  • Breakfast & Workout (Track your weight, breakfast and workout)
  • Morning Routine (Miracle Morning Savers + Morning Checklist)
  • Lunch and Dinner (Meal Planning)
  • Evening (Checklist + Brain (TV Show, Movie, Book Tracker)

NOTE: This ADHD Life Tracker template version does NOT come with the Content calendar/Business Tracker. That bundle is here https://jennaredfield.com/notion-business-template

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I want this!
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Full template, with full editable databases. All dates for 2022 synched with the daily rollup. Simply fill out each database to get the daily rollups

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